Wind Power

If it looks like real wood. If it smells like real wood. It is real wood.

Custom Printers is excited to introduce Sheer Veneer a paper thin, continuous roll wood veneer. It looks like wood and smells like wood, because it is real wood.

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/spot on

It’s about you. That’s the core of our /spot on philosophy and it applies to our environmental initiatives as well. Every Custom Printers project has the benefit of starting on our Green Foundation, but you are the center when it comes to finding the perfect press and paper for your project. Custom Printers offers green printing service options for printing that include:

  • High efficiency digital and conventional presses
  • Paper selection including FSC and RAC certified options
  • Vegetable based inks made from renewable resources with low VOC.

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Eco Friendly Print Companies?

To some it sounds like quite an oxymoron to talk about the print industry and environmentally friendly business, but Custom Printers is deeply committed to being the greenest of green printing companies. Our commitment is rooted in a belief that we should leave things better than we found them. Because of this commitment we’ve worked tirelessly to improve our internal efforts and offer the best environmental printing options to our customers.

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